Pubs in Stirling

Pubs in Stirling

Stirling is a great place to visit when you are in Scotland and there are many amazing things to do there. However, one of the most enjoyable experiences is visiting the pubs in Stirling, where you can spend time with your friends to party or relax. Stirling has so many wonderful places you can visit that offer different upsides depending on what you are looking for. Here are the 17 best pubs in Stirling and what they have to offer.

Top Pubs in Stirling

The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun offers a diverse selection of beers, as well as appetizers to complement the taste. Enjoy your beverage in a relaxing setting while listening to music and having a wonderful time. Very pleasant ambiance in which to party or unwind with a few drinks.

Brewdog Stirling

The facility not only serves its own cutting-edge craft beer, but also that of other UK breweries. They also often host international guest brewers. BrewDog Stirling has a famed pizza menu. Also, they have a selection of conventional bar nibbles to go along with the beers.

The Corn Exchange

This bar may appeal to you with its well-prepared haggis, burgers, and sandwiches. Beer, Martinis, and prosecco are among the most delectable beverages. It’s a lovely spot where you’ll feel at ease. It’s also one of the greatest venues to meet up with pals for a couple beers.

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Highland Gate Stirling

The rotisserie chicken, which is quite good, is their menu’s speciality. They also serve well-prepared items such as burgers, salads, and exquisite steaks. If you like gin, you’ll have a terrific time here. The bar has a large selection of gins to sample. Additionally, they also serve ales, lagers, and select wines.

The Kilted Kangaroo

You may sample Australian food here, including well-cooked chicken fajitas, steaks, and chicken. This bar also serves chocolate fudge cakes, chocolate fudge, and chocolate cakes. It’s just a fantastic site to visit with family and have a good time. The staff is quite pleasant, kind, and accommodating.

Westerton Arms – Pubs in Stirling

This restaurant serves delicious salmon lamb steaks and Cajun chicken. There’s also fantastic toffee pudding, sundaes, and meringues on the menu. They feature an excellent range of beer, wine, and gin. Live music is performed on occasion, and exceptional coffee and tea are available.

Molly Malones Stirling

This venue broadcasts all major athletic events, including football, rugby, and Gaelic games. They have big screens to make sure everyone can watch from their seats. Also, their bar is one-of-a-kind, and the staff has worked hard to maintain that distinction. They serve delicious meals and a wide variety of beverages.

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No2 Baker Street

This bar offers a wide range of cuisines, including British and Scottish fare. The wonderfully cooked fish and chips is one of their greatest dishes. They also provide delectable haddock and chicken pies. They have wonderful coffee and good beer, whiskey, and gin if you want to consume alcohol.

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The Anchor Bar – Pubs in Stirling

The Anchor Bar offers a wide range of drinks. So deciding what to drink with your friends shouldn’t be difficult. When you purchase beverages at this bar, you will also receive some nibbles to help you enjoy the experience even more.

1314 Inn

At this pub, you may order both British and Scottish food. Steaks, salmon, and pies are among the menu items. There’s also a warm and inviting atmosphere in which to have a good time. The bartending crew is really kind and knowledgeable. As a result, the visit is both fun and pleasurable.

The Portcullis – Stirling

The classic Lounge Bar on the ground level delivers excellent cuisine and drinks. They provide a wide selection of chilled lagers and beers, including two cask ales. Also, they have a superb collection of single malt whiskies. Additionally, they offer red and white wines by the glass, soft drinks, tea, and ground coffee.

Curly Coo Bar Stirling

This pub offers delicious meals and a relaxing environment after a long hike. If you want to drink, get some fine scotch, gin, or craft beer from their menu. If you don’t feel like partying, you can purchase non-alcoholic drinks. Either way, you will like the pleasant environment and charming décor.

Morrisons Cold Beer Company – Stirling

Morrisons Cold Beer Company has a large space that is popular with football fans. These fans come to watch the game on the big screen and cheer on their teams. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, it transforms into a pre-club hangout. It is also well-known for its traditional pub fare and extensive selection of draught beers and malt whiskies.

The City Walls

Another bar serving delectable Scottish and British fare. Meat pies, sirloins, and prawns are available. The delectable sticky toffee pudding is also their most renowned dish. They provide superb ales, lagers, and prosecco, as well as excellent coffee.

The Settle Inn – Stirling

Capacity – up to 30 guests

Cider, ale, and beer are the three most popular and excellent drinks here. If you grab one of them at this bar, you can’t go wrong. Evenings are particularly enjoyable since live music is provided. Their personnel is also quite helpful, and the cosy fireplace and welcoming ambience will make you feel at ease.

Chauffeur Travel in Stirling

Having a drink at one of Stirling’s greatest pubs is a wonderful experience. When you hire a chauffeur service to transport you there, you’ll be able to take in the sights much better and enjoy the moment even more. Additionally, you’ll be able to spend extra time with your friends or a loved one on the night of the event. Hire the best chauffeur service in Stirling if you want to arrive at your destination in style. Contact Us to find out more